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Guide to Titles

Guide to Titles

In Norway we use the English standard for Pointers to measure the dog's height:
Cm Inch
Male: 60 - 64               23,6 - 25,2                                                                                                           
Female: 57 - 61 22,4 - 24,0

HD-fri A = Excellent

UK = For dogs from 9 months and not older than 24 months on the competition day
AK = Dogs older than 24 months
VK = For dogs that have earned 1AK the same year or the two previous years. Dogs that earn a VK-prize is qualified for further participation in the VK Class another two years. A dog that is qualified for VK also at any time is allowed to participate in AK.
Prize Ratings
1UK, 1AK = Excellent
2UK, 2AK = Very Good
3UK, 3AK = Good
1-2-3-4-5 -      

= Rating. The Winner Class dogs are competing against each other


= Prize of Honor. An additional quality specification
AEP = Top Prize of Honor. An additional quality spesification awarded to dogs showing report during a hunting trial taking place in the forest


= The Junior Class, 9 - 18 months
UK = Intermediate Class, 15 - 24 months
AK = Open Class from 15 months and older. The dog must not have gained the title NUCH
BK = Working Class. Dogs from 15 months that have gained a hunting trial prize
CHK = Dogs that are NSUCH or INT NSUCH

= Dogs that have reached the age of 8 years on the first day of the show


= Progeny Class. For dogs and bitches that compete with 4 of its offsprings. The sire or dam must be entered to an official class or in the Progeny class and be presented together with the group. The sire or dam must have gained at least a good at the same show in question or at a prior show. The offspring must be entered and judged in one of the other classes at the show. The group must not hold more than one Very good, The rest must have Excellent. Onlly one group of the same breed after the same sire/dam may be entered.
= Breeders Class. 4 dogs of the same breed, bred by the same person. All dogs must be judged in the current show's other classes and have achieved Very good or Excellent. Group consistency counts more than the individual dog's quality.
From 2011 the international show prize system was introduced in Norway.
1JK = Excellent
2JK = Very Good
3JK = Good
1UK = Excellent
2UK = Very Good
3UK = Good
1AK = Excellent
2AK = Very Good
3AK = Good
Competition Rating

JKK = Junior Competition Class. Dogs that have gained Excellent (1JK) at the show
UKK = Intermediate Competition Class. Dogs that have gained Excellent (1UK) at the show
AKK = Open Competition Class. Dogs that have gained Excellent (1AK) at the show
BKK = Working competition Class. Dogs that have gained Excellent (1BK) at the show
CHKK = Champion Competition Class and Veterans Competition class. Dogs that have gained Excellent (1CHK  or 1VK) at the show
BHK = Best Male Dog Class
BTK = Best Female Dog Class
BIR = BOB = Best of Breed
BIM = BOS = Best in Opposite sex
BIG = Best in Group (all types of bird dogs)
BIS = Best in show (of all breeds)
CK = Certificate (Champion) Quality
= Certificate (Champion) Quality. Hunting dogs must have earned 1AK in a hunting trial as well
= Prize of Honor. Could be awarded to equal breeders and progeny classes

 All champion titles requires 1AK in a  hunting trial
= Norwegian Hunting Trial Champion. A prestigous title that requires at least 2x 2AK in show and 25 hunting championship points that can be achieved by special scales in hunting trials::
- 1UK, 1AK, 1VK, 2VK, 3VK 
- Cacit or Res.Cacit given such status granted by the FCI
- CK, which can be given in a VK-competition
- 3x 1VK with CK or AEP
- 1AK with AEP
- 1VK, 2VK, 3VK, 4VK in hunting trials such as the Norwegian Derby and the Norwegian Championship 
NJUCH = Norwegian Hunting Champion and Show Champion
NUCH = Norwegian Show Champion
INT NSUCH = Norwegian and Sweedish Show Champion.
INT CH = International Show Champion.
NV + year
= Norwegian Show Winner. The winner of the year (for each breed) on the largest annual show held by the Norwegian Kennel Club


Elite Dog
= Title of The Norwegian Pointer Club with the following criteria:
Hunting trial: 1AK, Show: Excellent, HD-fri A (Hip dysplasia scores Excellent)

The Silver Pheasant

= Dual Trophy given by the Oestfold Bird Dog Club (a regional club). This club organizes every year a large hunting trial and a dog show. The dog with the highest combined total score from both the hunting trial and the show during the current year, will be awarded the trophy. A very prestigious trophy in the Norwegian bird dog world. All bird dog breeds are competing for the trophy.

INT NSUCH Nord V-98 NV-2000
Bjonroas Magnus